The Yetis are on the loose! This interactive learning app is aimed at children age 3-8 yrs.

The Yeti caves contain different tasks that are designed to boost concentration, co-ordination, reasoning, and fine motor skills. 

The hand drawn illustrations are extremely age appropriate for a playful, child-friendly introduction to the use of a digital medium.

This app is designed to allow for organic and natural game flow so that text explanations are not necessary, making it suitable even for very young children. 

During the app programming process, we made sure that game play is not overwhelming or stressful for the children.

The game has been test played by children of various ages and received enthusiastic reviews!

We hope you and your child enjoy our game and would love for you to give us your best score in the App Store!


  • Three different caves with lots of things to discover. Find the secret game hidden in each cave!
    • Game 1: Ice xylophone with Yetti / recognizing sounds, copying melodies, memory training
    • Game 2: Cooking with Goat / recognizing and assigning colours 
    • Game 3: Playing memory with Yotto / recognizing shapes, finding pairs


  • Developed by parents for their own children
  • Completely ad free
  • No in-app purchases
  • Unique game play and design
  • Hand drawn 2D illustrations and animations
  • Enjoyable and atmospheric sound effects
  • Intuitive game play


  • Recognizing shapes, sounds and colours
  • Fine motor skills
  • Coordination
  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Logical thinking
  • Media competence